Umbrella Payroll Software

Our cloud-based payroll software for umbrella companies offers automation and scalability. Over 50,000 UK workers are paid via Eezy-Pay. See all the benefits of our optimized solution below.

Unlimited payments with one login

No need for multiple accounts. Login once to run your entire payroll. Plus, there's no cost for additional licenses.

Pay all at once instantly

Umbrella companies can pay employees across all agencies in one click. Process payroll in seconds.

All payment types supported

We cater to all worker engagement models including PAYE, umbrella, self-employed, CIS, and LTD.

Umbrella company payroll software

Eezy-Pay provides a fully connected payroll system for umbrella companies, without limits. It adapts to the ever-changing payroll requirements of umbrellas with feature-rich dashboards, unrivalled reporting, and streamlined processes.

Future-proofed cloud technology

Our cloud-based umbrella platform is up to speed with changing technology and new ways of working, so you can say goodbye to clunky functionality and hello to simplicity.

Eezy-Pay umbrella payroll software offers a unique solution suitable for operations of all sizes. Packed with robust functionality and an easy-to-use interface, we challenge legacy solutions. Plus, our software is ever-evolving with free and automatic updates.

Time-saving technology

Eezy-Pay is designed to speed up the way you work through cloud-based technology and an easy-to-use interface.

  • Lightning-fast processing takes just a few seconds – no matter the number of workers
  • Do it all at once with bulk processing abilities, including importing, sending and updating
  • Send mass SMS and email communications
  • Create custom worker payslips and agency invoices

Limitless, seamless performance

Regardless of the size of your umbrella company, Eezy-Pay will scale and deliver smooth and speedy performance.

  • Designed with scale in mind, whether you make 1 or 10,000 payments on a frequent basis
  • An unlimited number of automatic payments can be made at the click of a button
  • Real-time record searching allows you to find a worker instantly
  • Only one login required regardless of the number of agencies or end clients

Reduce costly errors

With AI and enhanced error-checking features, Eezy-Pay keeps your operations compliant and more accurate than ever.

  • Easily reverse and correct any errors you make on your payroll – pay weeks never close
  • Our automation feature will flag any errors within your records
  • Choose from a vast range of standard reports, with bespoke reports available upon request

The basics - and beyond

Packed with useful features designed for the temporary staffing industry, Eezy-Pay simplifies your everyday workload.

  • As a cloud-based product, there are no limits on how and when you can access the software
  • Easily manage pensions through the dedicated module
  • Keep track of expenses
  • Clear audit trail at worker level to track changes made by administrators and the system
  • Compliant e-signature capability built into the system

Simple self-service portals

Our umbrella payroll software is fully connected, offering fast and mobile-friendly web portals for recruitment agencies and workers.

  • The agency portal (pictured) allows agencies to manage their workers, view timesheets, invoices, and contractor payments – and upload data extracted from their front office CRM
  • The worker portal allows contractors to access key documentation easily

Frequently asked questions

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